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Church Sanctuary / Space:

The sanctuary,
is a red brick building completed in 1935 and sits about 180 people. It provides a wonderful acoustics and with the public address system of the church, sale members do not have problem with hearing what is being said during sermons, Eucharistic celebrations or announcements. Entrance into the sanctuary is very easy for young people and for those who are challenged by age or disability, the church lifter is available for their use.
At the lower level we have the offices, conference room, Sunday school room, Kitchen and the Great Hall. The Church did a major construction downstairs and added the hall for the purpose of accommodating the members of the church. It serves as both Parish hall and worship space especially, during the summer season when the heat is intolerable upstairs in the sanctuary.

The vicarage is located next to the church house to the north and the empty lot north of the vicarage belongs to the church and is intended to be used for parking space in the interim.