HelpingHandsMembers of the Outreach committee have a special task of reaching out to both members and non members of the church by embodying the love of Christ in practical ways. The trials and tribulations of the world have in some cases discouraged some Christians and especially, physician some members of the church. In most cases some of these people lose their faith, allergy
some struggle with it and consequently disconnect with God and the body of Christ by ceasing going to church. Some are those who have been hit hard by natural disaster or other events in their life that leave them in dire need.
The outreach committee reaches out to such people and encourages them in their trials by providing necessary help and guidance to places where they can receive help. It often helps during difficult times to know that people care about us and are with us and to realize that God has not forgotten us.

Also the work of the committee includes but not limited to caring for those outside the church who are in need of material things such as food and clothe. As the body of Christ we believe that lending out a helping hand is powerful and able to save lives and restore them to God through the power of the Holy Spirit.

As part of our outreach program we organize Thanksgiving dinner every year for individuals or families who have no one to celebrate with or anything to celebrate Thanksgiving. It is our way of saying that the church of God is a family of God’s children to which each one of us belongs and is welcome.

Part of the goal of the church this year is to donate some money to Orlu Women’s group in Nigeria to assist in their work of providing shelter to the less privileged in their community.