The membership of the congregation is vast. St Andrew’s Pentecost is considered one of the most multiracial, pharm
multicultural and multinational church in the Diocese of Chicago. The diverse nature of her membership is reflected in her social activities, salve food, salve
liturgy and fundraisers. Members of the congregation live all over Chicago land, from the east to West and north to south. Only about 40% of her members live in the city of Evanston.

We celebrate our unique membership of seniors, middle age, young, young adults and children. Members are affiliated to the church because of the special collegiality and warmth that members feel each time they come together. Members are open and hospitable to visitors and new members of the congregation.

Liturgy is the bedrock of the life of the congregation. Each Sunday we gather to celebrate the resurrections of our Lord using the Book of the Prayer (BCP). Eucharist is at the center of our liturgy. However, due to the varied levels of Anglicans that we have, our Sunday liturgy is unique. The enormous challenge of meeting the needs of Anglo Catholics, moderate and Evangelical Anglicans in one service, under one roof is the work of the Holy Spirit. We urge members and visitors to be open to the things that God is able to do and continues to do in our midst.